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Owned by Pirton Parish Council, this community facility comprises a sports field, Multi Games Area (MUGA), basket ball hoop practice area , children’s play area and clubhouse.

Clubs such as Lea Sports PSG, Pirton Cricket Club and Pirton Tennis Club use the recreation ground facilities, and their details can be found separately within the Clubs and Societies page of this website.   

The clubhouse is run by Pirton Sports and Social Club (PSSC)  and has a well-stocked bar at club prices, big screen TV and full kitchen facilities.  It can be booked via the PSSC and details of how to book can be found on their website  

The current clubhouse/pavilion was donated to the village in the mid 1970’s and it has served the village well for nearly 50 years but is now in need of improvement.

For latest information about the proposed new pavilion, please follow the link and click on the Proposed new sports pavilion icon.